Raleigh has seen its fair share of restaurant closures and subsequent takeovers. Here are closed Raleigh businesses our readers still dream about + what’s happened to their spaces.
The streetscape of Raleigh came to be because of a man named William Christmas. Christmas was tasked with creating a plan for what would become the capital of NC in 1792.
We asked our readers to send us MLB team names, just in case we are chosen to be at bat. We broke down eight of our favorite team name suggestions and how they would represent NC.
Halloween is creeping in — we compiled a few spooky Built Story tours and reader homes with over-the-top decorations that are sure to spook.
Raleigh is home to over 100 spaces on the National Register of Historic Places, including some historic + renovated spots folks still call home. Raleigh’s historic homes are plenty and full of interesting stories.
From historic buildings that no longer stand to ads promoting Raleigh restaurants, we dug through newspaper archives dating as far back as 1881 to celebrate the 21st night of September.
This month has been celebrated in the US since 1968 and continues to be commemorated. Here are just a few ways to observe Hispanic Heritage Month in Raleigh.
Explore the City of Oaks on one of these many tours of Raleigh. Learn more about Raleigh’s brewery and food scene, its storied history, its many public art pieces, and more.
Consider these landmarks our Hollywood signs.
NC Freedom Park, which serves as a beacon of hope honoring Black North Carolinians, is open to the public in downtown Raleigh.
The proposed RDU quarry adjacent to Umstead State Park will move forward, following a recent court ruling.
Raleigh is a storied city with over 230 years of history. Learn more about the history of Raleigh and test your knowledge with a quick quiz.
Whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or sports fan, these 17 museums in Raleigh have it all.
Members of the community are invited to help create Dix Park’s cultural interpretation plan, an endeavor to acknowledge the history of the park and approach it with sensitivity, one of the first of its kind.
Monday, June 19 is Juneteenth — we gathered eight events in the City of Oaks to honor and celebrate the federal holiday.
Most of us probably don’t have our state flags memorized, but it’s worth studying up: Our flag’s design reflects centuries of history.
Learn about Raleigh’s oldest residence.
In this guide, we’re diving into the City of Oaks’ oldest streets and how they got their names.
Remembering the businesses that once lined East Hargett Street.
Save the date for these empowering discussions, events, and exhibits in the City of Oaks.
Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.
Good news for Raleigh.
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