Stock your bar with spirits from Triangle distilleries

Cheers! These Triangle-based distilleries feature nationally recognized spirits to stock your liquor cabinet with, plus a local store for any amateur mixologists.

Durham Distillery products displayed on a shelf with a sign reading "Cheers to 10 Years."

Durham Distillery’s tasting room opened in 2015.

Photo by RALtoday

Sunday, March 24 is National Cocktail Day, and we want to raise a glass with a bevy of local spirit options. These strong sips are all distilled in the Triangle and are available for purchase at local ABC Stores or online.

Pro tip: If alcohol isn’t your thing, or you want to try alcohol-free spirits, explore zero-proof options at Umbrella Dry Bar.

Durham Distillery | Don’t miss: Conniption Kinship Gin and Krupnikas Spiced Honey Liqueur | This award-winning distillery is woman-owned, and we visited the factory to see where vodka, nationally recognized gins, and more are made. We’re also fans of the distiller’s liqueurs and canned cocktails — make two cocktails from home.

Young Hearts Distilling's Potenza orange bottle.

The next time you’re at Young Hearts Distilling, try a negroni with in-house Potenza.

Photo provided by Young Hearts Distilling

Olde Raleigh Distillery | Don’t miss: Olde Raleigh Small Batch Bourbon | This Zebulon-based operation is a sponsor of the Carolina Mudcats and infuses the wood from a 130-year-old white oak in every batch. Plus, the bottles are pretty enough to keep once empty.

Oak City Amaretto | Don’t miss: The amaretto, of course | Thank Grandma Scalabrino for this authentic, Italian amaretto recipe made from natural ingredients. Don’t know where to start with this almond liqueur? Explore recipes like the Bitter Giueseppe.

Raleigh Rum Company | Don’t miss: Carolina Reaper Rum | Boasting five rum varieties, these rum makers have been creating liquor for 10 years in the City of Oaks.

Young Hearts Distillery | Don’t miss: Good Food Award finalists Artemisia and Potenza | Standing as downtown’s first and only distillery, Young Hearts creates unique local spirits like seasonal gins, flavored brandies, and more. Make three cocktails from home fit for any season, not just the holidays.

Bonus: The Bittery | Don’t miss: Attawanhood #37 bitters | While not technically a distillery, this is an essential shop for any cocktail lover. We especially love Crude Bitters and adding them to every cocktail and mixed drink.

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