Umbrella Dry Bar to pop off in Garland’s downtown space

Umbrella Dry Bar will fill Garland’s iconic downtown shuttered space with Raleigh’s first-of-its-kind zero-proof bar and a retail space this winter.

Four colorful mocktails on a marble table.

Umbrella serves artfully crafted mocktails.

Courtesy of Umbrella Dry Bar

Non-alcoholic bevs will soon have their spotlight in the heart of downtown. Umbrella Dry Bar will fill Garland’s iconic shuttered space this winter on Martin Street with a zero-proof bar, the first of its kind in Raleigh, and a retail space for Raleighites to explore other non-alcoholic options.

The brick-and-mortar venue, located near Capital Club 16, will be a safe space for people to enjoy the buzz of mingling sans alcohol.

A main focus of Umbrella is to deliver an atmosphere that enhances social connection and elevates creative, high quality NA drinks that are packed with health benefits. We’ll cheers to that.

“The Garland location provides us with the canvas to paint our vision of a space where wellness and community converge,” said founder Meg Paradise in a press release.

For this new venture, Paradise brought on Kevin Barry, co-founder of FilterEasy/Second Nature, as Umbrella’s co-founder to help with the transition and lead the wholesale distribution business.

Ahead of the opening, you can get a taste of Paradise’s innovative zero-proof cocktails at Umbrella in the Garden in Norwood Gardens, open Thursdays through Saturdays.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for additional Dry January events and more ways to explore sobriety through Umbrella Dry Bar.

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