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See the winner of our 2023 Picture of the Year contest

Cast your vote on your favorite 2023 photos submitted by readers for RALtoday’s Picture of the Year contest.

A heavily edited photo of the Raleigh skyline with the sun setting over color-changing leaves.

In 2022, reader Todd Stark won RALtoday’s fall-tography contest.

Photo by Todd Stark

The votes are in for the RALtoday 2023 Picture of the Year contest. Check out the finalists below, including the winner that you, our readers, voted for.

This shot is taken across a pond through some trees — across the pond is an old wooden mill surrounded by trees with changing leaves.

Autumn at Yates Mill

Photo by Gary H.

Winner: Autumn at Yates Mill

Circa 1756, this gristmill is the center of Historic Mill County Park and looks particularly stunning in the fall surrounded by changing leaves. With nearly 1,000 votes cast, Gary H’s autumnal photo was the favorite of 55% of voters.

Three people walking outside in front of three ring sculptures at the NCMA Park.

Alien Portals.

Photo by Katherine K.

Finalist: Alien Portals

We think reader Katherine perfectly captured how we all like to strut through the three-ring sculpture “Gyre” at the NCMA Park by Raleigh-based artist + architect Thomas Sayre.

The Raleigh skyline from Flowers Field at Dix Park.

Raleigh from Flowers Field

Photo by Alexandra H.

Finalist: Raleigh from Flowers Field

Can we all agree that Flowers Field makes for the perfect picnic spot? This photo captures one of our favorite views of the City of Oaks.


Try not to puke — Krispy Kreme Challenge.

Photo by Dave S.

Finalist: Try not to puke — Krispy Kreme Challenge

Tell us how you really feel after consuming 12 doughnuts and running five miles in one hour. The Krispy Kreme Challenge was organized in 2004 by NC State undergrads and supports the UNC Children’s Hospital.

A shot of downtown buildings with beautiful architecture.

Downtown Raleigh

Photo by David I.

Finalist: Downtown Raleigh

Did you know? The Century Station Federal Building and Postal Station was built between 1874 and1879 by architect Alfred B. Mullett — Fayetteville Street is rich in history and unique architectural styles.

A glass of white wine sitting on the edge outside overlooking the city — the city's skyline is reflected upside down in the glass.

Wining about Raleigh.

Photo by M. Bethel

Finalist: Wining about Raleigh

This is the only “wining about Raleigh” that your City Editors can get behind — plus, we’re sure reader M. Bethel had plenty of yummy Wye Hill bites to accompany the wine.

A three man band playing in a packed, hole-in-the-wall bar draped with lights and street signs.

Hank Sinatra Band @ Berkeley Cafe

Photo by David I.

Finalist: Hank Sinatra Band @ Berkeley Cafe

Raleigh’s oldest music venue temporarily closed last year with plans to reopen on South Dawson early 2024 — we can’t wait for these funky live music vibes again. In the meantime, catch Raleigh’s own Hank Sinatra on YouTube.

Two bright pink/purple flowers in front of the Raleigh Convention Center — you can see a Sir Walter Raleigh stature blurred out in the background.

Sir Walter Raleigh admiring the flowers at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Photo by Casey N.

Finalist: Sir Walter Raleigh admiring the flowers at the Raleigh Convention

The Raleigh Convention Center’s Monarch Waystation provides food and habitat for butterflies and other pollinators — peep the Sir Walter Raleigh statue admiring the flower’s hard work.

Voting closes Sunday, Jan. 28 — so be sure to vote for the photo you think should be crowned the winner of the inaugural RALtoday Picture of the Year contest. Pssst — don’t forget that the winner will receive a $25 gift card to use at our online marketplace, Six & Main.

Vote here.

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