What’s opening in the old C. Grace building?

The former jazz club is trading trumpets for tequila.

Outside the old C. Grace building on Glenwood Avenue.

A tequila lounge is opening in the old C. Grace building.

Photo by RALtoday

When popular jazz bars C. Grace and Empress Room abruptly closed last August, it left us wondering, “what’s next?” A new concept is coming sooner than you think.

Split, a tequila lounge and live music burrow, is coming together in the Glenwood Avenue building. The upstairs lounge will feature craft cocktails, while the ground level will boast more of a party atmosphere. Expect live music, DJs, shot skis, and water guns (probably filled with tequila) downstairs. There will be a total of four indoor bars, plus a fifth on the wraparound outdoor lawn.

The concept, from the team behind Halcyon, is named after its split-level building and infamous celebrity breakups (think: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West). The layout of the space looks similar to C. Grace’s, except now, neon signs with quotes like “Thank you, next” and “It’s not me, it’s you” adorn the walls. The wall of roses in the bathroom is new, too.

Split is expected to open in phases, beginning in the next two weeks. The upper level could open as early as next weekend.

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