Meg Paradise is opening a dry bar in Raleigh

Umbrella Dry Bar will feature zero-proof wine and beer, mocktails, a bottle shop, tasting bar, and event space.

Meg Paradise in from of her Umbrella Dry Bar booth.

Umbrella Dry Bar is hosting pop up events leading up to its opening.

Photo provided by Meg Paradise

Are you sober, sober-curious, or taking a break from alcohol for Dry January? Well, Meg Paradise, owner and founder of Umbrella Dry Bar, has you covered. Meg is opening a safe space in Raleigh for people who enjoy the buzz of mingling without the temptation of alcohol. The dry bar will feature artfully-crafted zero-proof cocktails.

Meg’s alcohol-free journey was prompted after having her two active boys. She wanted to be more present for her family and was tired of feeling like she was missing out.

After reading the book “Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol” and trying to live sober, she loved the way it made her feel. “My body responded so well. I was like, OK, this actually isn’t that hard because I still am doing everything that I want to do... just without drinking,” Meg told RALtoday.

“I realized that there must be tons of adults who want to feel like an adult and still go out and be social without the drinking, especially as people get more into fitness and health-related goals,” Meg said. Enter Umbrella Dry Bar.

The main focus of Umbrella is to deliver an atmosphere that enhances social connection and elevates creative, high quality NA drinks that are packed with health benefits.

A bright pink mocktail.

Try That Sober Glow mocktail at Umbrella Dry Bar’s First Friday pop up.

Photo provided by Meg Paradise

Though Meg can’t disclose where the dry bar will be located just yet, the space will feature zero-proof wine and beer, bar classics like old fashioneds (hold the alc, add Spiritless 74 Kentucky Bourbon), premium one-of-a-kind mocktails like “I’m Cereal Milk Drunk,” a bottle shop, tasting bar, and event space for vendors and classes.

“We have had a really positive response in the community,” Meg said. She has gotten to work closely with community members and restaurateurs to help launch the brand. “Jacqueline from Zero-Proof Raleigh has been really great to work with. And Jon Seelbinder, owner of The Merchant, has been my mentor who’s helped me ease into this industry,” she said.

Meg hopes for a Q1 opening, but in the meantime, you can check out Umbrella Dry Bar’s curated online collection of zero-proof spirits, mixers, bitters, and non-alcoholic wine and beer or chat with Meg at one of these upcoming pop ups:

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