Meet Crawford & Son’s Beverage Manager Jordan Joseph

Jordan Joseph, the talented bev manager behind the bar at Chef
Scott Crawford’s neighborhood restaurant, shares his background, favorite ingredients, and looks to what’s next for Crawford & Son.

A headshot of Jordan Joseph.

If you’ve eaten at Crawford & Son, you might recognize this face.

Photo by Jessica Crawford

Crawford & Son’s seasoned beverage manager Jordan Joseph has been in the hospitality industry since he was 14-years-old. His experience behind the bar coheres with his creativity in concocting interesting and flavorful cocktails, spirits, and food pairings like his savory aperitivo popsicles.

Jordan got his start at a mom-and-pop restaurant “back home,” just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for five years. He moved to NC when he was about 21-years-old to become the bev manager at Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery in Chapel Hill. He later transitioned to managing The Crunkleton in Charlotte. “I got my bones there,” Jordan said. “It’s where I learned how to be a true bartender.”

In 2016, Jordan moved back to Raleigh to work general and beverage management at Gallo Pelón Mezcaleria, a mezcal-focused cocktail bar above Centro.

In 2020, he joined Chef Scott Crawford’s Oakwood neighborhood restaurant Crawford & Son as the beverage manager.

One of his favorite ingredients to experiment with is agave. “I have an affinity for agave spirits and have traveled to Mexico a lot,” Jordan said. “I think they produce some of the most complex cocktails.” He also loves working with chili and fun savory flavor combinations.

Jordan comes from a big Italian family and cooks delicious meals every night. He’s learned a lot about cooking from observing Chef Scott Crawford and the rest of his talented team members. Crawford is certainly a team effort. “The restaurant is like a family — we’re all on the same page. I think we’re trailblazers.”

When Jordan isn’t behind the bar, he likes frequenting Boulted Bread for a morning bun. You can also find Jordan at Oakwood Pizza Box almost every Sunday enjoying a pie.

So, what’s next for Jordan and the Crawford team? Right now, they are all hands on deck with the soon-to-open Brodeto. “We are shooting for an October-December opening,” Jordan said.

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