Inside chef Scott Crawford’s Triangle expansion

The 2023 Restaurateur of the Year is doubling the size of his company.

Scott Crawford inside of Raleigh Iron Works.

Brodeto will open in Raleigh Iron Works’ Bow Truss Building this year.

Photo by Jessica Crawford

Momentum is building for Raleigh chef Scott Crawford, the force behind local favorites Crawford and Son, Jolie, and Crawford Cookshop. Most recently, the NC Restaurant & Lodging Association named him the 2023 Restaurateur of the Year for Crawford Hospitality.

“This is the first recognition I’ve gotten as a restaurateur, not a chef,” Crawford said. “It’s really special — all recognition is appreciated, but this one hit me differently.”

Crawford is also in the midst of opening three new restaurants in the Triangle: Brodeto at Raleigh Iron Works, Crawford Brothers Steakhouse at Fenton, and Crawford’s Genuine at RDU. These additions will double the size of his company.

We sat down with the five-time James Beard Award semifinalist to chat with him about expected openings, a local chef to watch, and a pastry he orders time and time again.

Which restaurant will open first?
We’re planning to open Brodeto by October or November of this year. Crawford’s Genuine could open as soon as late 2023. And Crawford Brothers Steakhouse will open in 2024. I’ve asked for about six months between the openings.

How would you describe each new restaurant in three words?

  • Brodeto: Adriatic, embers, comfort
  • Crawford’s Genuine: Inviting, delicious, stylish — bonus word: local
  • Crawford Brothers Steakhouse: Warm, modern, exciting

You’re traveling to Italy and Croatia this June to conduct research for Brodeto. What are you hoping to learn?
We’re deciding what parts of Brodeto we want to make very traditional and what parts we want to be more modern. We plan to really delve into the local traditions, food, and wine. I want to get in a kitchen in Croatia and make black risotto from start to finish with an old woman who has been making it for 50 years. The dish is so simple but almost life changing.

What Raleigh spot have you been loving lately? What are you ordering?
My go-to is Boulted Bread. I order a coffee and the rye shortbread — I can’t get enough of them.

What dish are you particularly excited about right now?
Our shaved baby carrot dish with olives, citrus, saffron, yogurt, and sorrel. It’s bright, crunchy, and delicious. It’s not the No. 1 best-seller, but those who do order it are often pleasantly surprised. (You can find it at Crawford and Son.)

What Raleigh chef should we be watching?
Chef Brian Jenzer at Las Ramblas.

What’s something that every Raleighite should know about?
Person Street. This whole corridor has great energy and is full of unique retail shops and restaurants. It’s all here.

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