Choose your own adventure: RALtoday edition

Choose your own adventure and help City Editor Cat plan how she spends her day in Raleigh, from where she works to evening entertainment.

Two women holding drinks and smiling.

How should City Editor Cat spend her day in Raleigh?

Photo by RALtoday

City Editor Cat here — it’s finally spring, which calls for a celebration... and you’re invited. I’ve already shared how to spend 12 hours in Raleigh with some of my favorite local spots, but this time, I’m asking you to choose your own adventure and design my day as a RALtoday City Editor.

Fill out this poll and I’ll do what you, as a collective audience, choose in an upcoming newsletter.

Wake up and smell the…

  • Bagels
  • Biscuits
  • Donuts

Head to work at...

Unwind after work by...

Grab dinner at...

  • Crawford and Son
  • Charg-Gill
  • The Raleigh Times
  • Taverna Agora

Enjoy evening entertainment by...

  • Attending a local concert or comedy show
  • Sipping a drink at a brewery
  • Grabbing ice cream

Is there something else you’d like to see me do? Drop your suggestions at the end of the poll. I can’t guarantee I can fit it in, but I promise I’ll try.

Bonus: I’ll report back next week with an update of everything you chose and I completed.

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