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Raleighite Q+A: Your questions and Raleigh pro tips

Whether you’re brand new to the city or still getting your bearings, we want to take some time to share pressing questions + Raleigh pro tips.

The skyline of Raleigh partially obscured by clouds.

Wake County had a net migration of 35 people a day between July 2022 and July 2023.

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Here at RALtoday, we’re big fans of hyperlocal tips — those insider pieces of info only someone in Raleigh would know. For example, it’s pronounced Morde-key, and the best way to get through the Five Points intersection is to just hold your breath and follow the car ahead of you.

To learn these, though, we had to rely on other Raleighites, and with plenty of folks moving to the Triangle every day, we decided it would be a great time to hold a Q+A session. We asked our readers for their questions and pro tips in the newsletter and on Instagram. Here’s what they came up with.

Reader Neils B. asked where to get the best BLT in Raleigh. We haven’t tried them all, but the BL(R)T and Blue from (ish) delicatessen is City Editor Allie’s favorite. The roasted, rather than fresh, tomatoes foster a great BLT all year long, not just during tomato season. Plus, the blue cheese really takes the whole thing to another level.

Another reader asked about the best local breweries. While we haven’t compiled a full brewery City Guide yet, our readers had some great ideas during our 2023 brewery bracket challenge.

On Instagram, Kristen T. asked about gluten-free eats. If we’re talking baked goods, try Lucky Tree or Fount Coffee in Morrisville — everything at each of these fan-favorite coffee shops is gluten free.

Another Instagram user asked about low-cost date night ideas, and while we have a whole guide of romantic evening ideas, we want to shout out some cheaper options. A picnic date in one of Raleigh’s many parks is never a bad idea, and you can save money and help others by going on a volunteering date.

One question we’re still pondering: What are the best toddler- and baby-friendly spots in Raleigh? We’ve covered some in our kid-friendly guide, but we’d love to have more places for the little ones. Send them our way.

Send in more questions or pro tips.