Your City Editors’ New Year’s resolutions

As we ease into 2024, your City Editors want to ring in the new year by sharing our Raleigh-based new year’s resolutions.

City Editors Cat and Allie in Raleigh Union Station.

Happy New Year’s from your Raleigh City Editors.

Photo by RALtoday

Happy New Year, Raleigh — we’re excited for another year of sharing our hyper-local journalism with you. As we ring in 2024, we want to share our new year’s resolutions in Raleigh.

City Editor Allie

I’ve got a huge list of local restaurants + bars to try this year, but top of my list are newcomers like Tamasha, Umbrella Dry Bar, and Brodeto.

Also, I’ve been eyeing our recent yoga guide to destress, stretch, and become an amateur yogi.

City Editor Cat

In 2024, I want to expand my reading list and possibly join a local book club to keep me motivated. I also have my eyes on joining the Redbud Writing Project to kick-start writing a book.

As always, shopping + dining local as much as possible is top-of-mind for me — I plan on trying new restaurants like the recently opened Gussie’s.