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What our readers want people to know about Raleigh

“Everyone is so nice here. And I think that’s the key to Raleigh. We are collaborative. We are connectors,” Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin told RALtoday.

Someone walking through the woods with a dog.

Your City Editors also love Raleigh’s greenways and trails.

Photo by RALtoday

Following our interview with the mayor, we asked our readers “what is one thing you wish people knew about Raleigh?” Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“The heart of the people. So many kind souls live here, and are ready to help and share with those in need. Even a wave as you drive by.” — Maie M.

“We have an awesome greenway system all over the Triangle and lots of green spaces.” — Natalia C.

“Despite being in a conservative state, Raleigh is a welcoming community for diverse people.” — Jeff B.

“How beautiful our parks are. My favorite is the NCMA Park closely followed by Dix Park.” — Felecia W.

“The beauty and accessibility of the Greenway Trail.” — Eric N.

“William Peace University is Raleigh’s best kept secret.” — Brian R.

Pro tip: Use our park and hiking guides to utilize Raleigh’s vast green space.