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Say “aloe” to WRAL Azalea Gardens’ century plant

The century plant typically blooms once every 10-30 years and can reach up to 35 feet tall — you don’t want to miss this rare bloom.

City Editor Anne beside the century plant.

City Editor Anne is 5 feet 6 inches tall, for height reference.

Photo by RALtoday

A century plant, also referred to as Agave Americana and American aloe, has just begun blooming in the WRAL Azalea Gardens.

Why is this a big deal? The plant typically blooms once every 10-30 years, and after it flowers, the main plant dies and releases agave pups.

The stalk, which can reach heights of up to 35 feet, grows quickly and will last for about a month once fully bloomed. Yellow flowers will start to appear at the top of the stalk over the next few weeks.

WRAL reported that the plant had reached a little under two feet on Saturday, May 6. By Tuesday, May 9, the stalk had more than doubled in size, reaching over eight feet tall.

Don’t wait to see this rare bloom, because it won’t be around long. The plant is expected to complete its growth in June.

Bonus: Read about the romantic legend of the century plant.

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