The Rialto Theatre is temporarily closing


The Rialto today in Five Points

Photo by RALtoday

The historic Rialto Theatre will temporarily suspend operations on Sun., Aug. 28. The Rialto will close its doors for an uncertain amount of time after a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Sat., Aug. 27 at 12 a.m.

Owner Bill Peebles made the announcement on Instagram Monday night, explaining that the theater will close due to his retirement and current market conditions. Bill said that the Rialto will resume operations “in the near future” with details being revealed soon.

The News & Observer reported that Bill plans to sell the rights to the independent theater to a person or group of people that can resume its operations. The building, which is owned by Anne Stahel, is not for sale.

Mark your calendar for these final (for now) Rialto movie screenings + events:

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