Be the broker: What should go into Moore Square’s cafe?

This cafe space once served burgers to those visiting Moore Square. That space is now vacant and we want to know: What should go in its place?

People walking in Moore Square on a nice day in Raleigh, NC.

This new biz could cater to audiences at Moore Square events, like free movie screenings + festivals.

Photo courtesy of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance

The City of Raleigh is looking for a new operator for a cafe space in Moore Square, a historic Raleigh greenspace in the heart of downtown. Let’s talk: What local biz would you like to see expand into that spot?

This cafe was once home to Square Burger, which made for a quick bite in the center of the city. Maybe you want to see this trend continue with easy sandwiches or lighter options, or maybe coffee + tea options. Let us know your best ideas. Bonus points for specific Raleigh businesses.

For any small biz owners or aspiring entrepreneurs, read up on the qualifications + deadlines to put your hat in the ring square for this unique storefront opportunity.

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