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Raleighites weigh in on driver-friendliness

We asked our readers if they agreed that Raleigh is the most driver-friendly city in the US.

Cars stopped at a stoplight in North Hills.

How can Raleigh’s roads improve?

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WalletHub named Raleigh the most driver-friendly city in the US. So we asked you, our readers, if you think this is true. Most of you did not agree12.9% answered yes, 22.6% voted maybe, and 64.5% of readers said no.

Here’s what some of our readers are saying about Raleigh’s roads.

How could Raleigh make its roads more driver-friendly?

“By making it more friendly to everything that isn’t a car, to take cars off the road, and reduce congestion + improve safety.” – Emmet H.

“The biggest problem with driving in Raleigh isn’t really the roads; it’s the drivers. We need better public transportation so there are fewer drivers on the road in general. And the roads don’t need to be more driver-friendly; they need to be more bike- and pedestrian-friendly.” – Dale V.

“More trash pickup. Enforcement of litter laws (stuff falling off of vehicles seem to be a common occurrence).” – Gary C.

Where would you like to see traffic improvements in Raleigh?

“Wade Ave., Capital Blvd., 440, Glenwood S., Hillsborough St.” – Robert M.

“The city recently instituted lower speed limits downtown, but this needs to be done in other places as well. Also, we need safer bike lanes basically everywhere.” – Dale V.

“Secondary roads. Highways are generally in good condition, but improvements are needed in secondary and local roads to handle increased population.” – Gary C.

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