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ICYMI: September 2021 - eating local, gluten-free restaurants + a ghost kitchen

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Downtown Raleigh | Photo by Eric Alter via @ericalterphotography

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Before we begin October, we wanted to look back at all of the best content from the past month. Pro tip: Bookmark this list for solid icebreaker topics in case you’re assigned a passing-out-candy shift at a Halloween party with a stranger.

🏆 Top stories:

Raleigh’s fall bucket list

It’s finally fall — and to help you take full advantage of the festive season, we compiled our Raleigh fall bucket list, complete with 20+ events and activities we are just falling for, including the NC State Fair and visiting Page Farm. 🍂

We asked readers what they are looking forward to most this fall — 70% of readers voted “not sweating profusely.”

How many chain restaurants are in Raleigh?

We took a look at the Restaurant Chaniness Map (made by a lab in Georgia Tech’s Center for Spatial Analysis and Visualization) to see how many restaurants in Raleigh were considered chains.

We asked readers if they want to see more independent restaurants in Raleigh — 98.1% said “yes, I love supporting local.”

Answered: Gluten-free restaurants in Raleigh, NC

When it comes to food, Raleigh is the name of the game — and folks with diet restrictions aren’t left on the bench. We asked our audience in a previous newsletter + on Instagram to share their local gluten-free recommendations.

Best Overall Restaurants came in the top spot with 456 clicks. We can’t blame y’all for loving to eat local.

Day and Night opening came second with 356 clicks. The exotic cereal bar will open Tues., Oct. 5.

🏆 Top Instagram comments:

On ‘RDU ghost kitchen’

“I will try on Thursday” — @raleigh_engineer

On ‘POV: It’s morning in Raleigh’

“@benchwarmersbagels at the Transfer Food Hall!” — @annarose_95

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