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Art installation to cast shadows in Dix Park

Tessellate, a new outdoor interactive installation, plays with light and shadow and will be on view at Dix Park from Monday, July 24 to Monday, Aug. 28

People walking through a light and shadow installation at night.

The installation will be best viewed in the early evening.

Photo via City of Raleigh

A new luminous art installation is popping up at Dix Park from Monday, July 24 to Monday, Aug. 28. Tessellate, an immersive project by artist Oliver Lewis, plays with light and shadows.

Park visitors will be able to spin dials on sculptures which will bring shadows and the 1,000-sqft artwork to life.

A combination of art and science, Lewis uses digital technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, robotics, and traditional art forms in his work.

SEEK Raleigh is leading this experimental public art project — which will be located near the grove of trees beside Flowers Cottage — with support from Raleigh Arts, Dix Park, and Dix Park Conservancy.

Pro tip: The free installation will be most visible during the early evening.

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