Crossed words: Can you solve this local word game?

Flex your knowledge of the City of Oaks.

Crossed words.

Test your local knowledge.

Graphic by RALtoday

Alright Raleighites, time to put on those thinking caps. We’re launching a local word game to see how well you know the City of Oaks.

We’ll give you a hint and it’s up to you to guess the mystery word (or words) related to our city’s history, neighborhoods, businesses, or things we’ve mentioned in the newsletter.

Once you think you know the answer, tap the link below to type in your guess and hit the arrow key to submit.

Hint: Hailing from NC, these two turkeys were just pardoned by President Joe Biden at the White House — just in time for Thanksgiving. After their adventure at the US Capitol, the pair gobbled their way into NC State to live out the rest of their bird lives in peace.

Play our local word game.

The answer can be found in the Monday, Nov. 21 newsletter.

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