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Celebrating local educators for Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked our readers to shout out their favorite local educators and what makes them special.

An educator teaching at the front of a classroom.

City Editor Cat’s sister is a third grade teacher.

Photo by RALtoday

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all educators — we appreciate you. To celebrate teachers in the City of Oaks, we asked our readers to shout out their favorite local educators. Here’s who you recognized:

Carla Massengill | Conn Magnet Elementary School, fifth grade | Thank you for your years of loving children and being a consistent adult in their lives. You are a wonderful mentor and the best mom. — Malisa P.

Jenny Holt | Brassfield Road Elementary, first/all grades | [Jenny] teaches on a difficult track but stays on board at all times. Her students love her so much, as well as her coworkers. — Melinda J.

Kristen Baron | Project Enlightenment, pre-K inclusive classroom | Ms. Kristen, you are incredible. Thank you for your focus and attention to your students’ well-being. They are learning and practicing skills in every area of development with you and Ms. Tanya. We are grateful, impressed, and so amazed with the work and play of your classroom. — Kerry L.

Sra. Mancheno | Jeffreys Grove Magnet Elementary School, fifth grade | Sra. Mancheno works hard to create a fun classroom and delivers life skills such as money management, organization, and kindness while prepping this class for middle school. She is always willing to go the extra mile and smiles the whole way. She’s amazing. — Jaclyn W.

Izabella Minns | Trinity Academy, art | She inspires kids every day to be creative. Her willingness to engage with her students and bring out the best in them is one to be admired. — Stephen H.

A PE teacher showing kids parachute activities.

Have you thanked an educator today?

Photo by RALtoday

Mrs. Reed | Wakefield High School, biology | She engages the students and keeps us entertained. She doesn’t just talk at us, she talks with us. Plus, she’s just cool. — Hayden C.

Samantha Corey | Research Triangle High School | Congratulations Samantha for a fantastic first year taking over the drama department and putting on such great shows. We see very clearly how much the kids already love and respect you. Kudos to you for a job well done. — Michelle C.

Alivia Salvagni | The Expedition School, K-8 art | Alivia, you’re an incredible human and teacher. Keep up the great creative work you do, it inspires all of us. — Nikki S.

Ms. Cheryl + Ms. Kim | Hillel Pre-School, 4 + 5-year-old preschool class | My son has always been a bit behind in fine motor skills. They have both spent a lot of individualized time with him teaching him to cut with scissors, hold a pencil correctly, and learn his letter sounds. He is now reading at age 4 and his confidence in writing has soared. He is so prepared for kinder. — LeeAnna K.

Mrs. Allison Dawley | Adams Elementary School, first grade | Mrs. Dawley meets her students where they are and encourages perseverance and growth. Mrs. Dawley not only teaches kiddos through academics, but she helps them navigate big feelings and how to regulate them. We have loved every minute with her this year and we hope she knows just how appreciated she is. — Michelle M.

Justin Dottavio | Wake Forest Middle School, Personal and Career Exploration for grades sixth-eighth | Mr. Dottavio goes above and beyond to help students realize their potential. He focuses on understanding coping skills and techniques to improve self worth and self esteem. He fosters relationships that help kids believe in themselves beyond his tenure with them. — Annie S.