What if a Hallmark holiday movie was filmed in Raleigh?

Raleigh hasn’t been the filming location for a Hallmark holiday movie — yet. We’re asking our readers to brainstorm locations + plots for a potential future movie filmed in the festive City of Oaks.

A crowd gathered at the annual Downtown Raleigh Tree Lighting event.

Imagine meeting a hometown hunk at the Downtown Raleigh Alliance’s tree lighting — how romantic.

Photo provided by Downtown Raleigh Alliance

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Every Hallmark holiday movie starts the same way: A work-minded person is struggling with their extremely challenging, business-related job. They travel out of “the big city” to a “small town” for the holidays, and there, bump into an old flame/hometown cutie/dog owner. Together, they learn the true meaning of the holidays.

Here’s a fun fact: Our neighbors in Charlotte, Wilmington, and now Asheville have been featured in Hallmark movies, so we think it’s time for the City of Oaks to prove its festive merit on the iconic TV network. Share your ideas for the perfect Hallmark movie setting with us, and maybe we can send them the network’s way.

Setting the scene

First, we need to establish who the protagonist is, and where they are traveling to Raleigh from. They could be a tech, business, or financial wizard from Charlotte, Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, or another big city.

Where does the meet cute happen?

Next, where does the protagonist run into the hometown hunk? This could be any major landmark, park, coffee shop, or meeting space. Think of perusing sculptures at the NC Museum of Art, skating THE RINK at Red Hat Amphitheater, or cheering along at a Carolina Hurricanes game.

How do they bond?

Somehow, the business-minded person and the hometown hunk find common ground. Or perhaps they bond over something more contentious? This could be a disagreement over Tobacco Road college teams, a connection over their shared love of NC-style barbecue (tomato and vinegar), or a mutual love of the great outdoors in the City of Oaks.

Where is the final scene?

At the end of the film, where will the two learn the true meaning of the holidays? At the romantic NC Chinese Lantern Festival? As the giant acorn drops to ring in the new year? Clinking their glasses at a holiday pop-up bar?

Take our survey, and we’ll follow up with the 919’s own Hallmark movie details in an upcoming newsletter.