Bring your jars back to Weaver Street Market

The co-op is reducing its single-use packaging by using reusable glass jars.

Jars with "Bring it Back Jar" logos with dried fruit inside.

Bring back the jar for a $1.50 refund.

Photo by RALtoday

Downtown’s Weaver Street Market recently introduced a fun, eco-friendly initiative to reduce its carbon footprint.

Bring It Back Jars are as simple as they sound — choose groceries in labeled glass jars and bring the containers back to the store for a $1.50 refund (similar to a milk bottle deposit). Pro tip: Return your jars with their lids to the cashier.

Phase one offers dried fruits in 12- and 24-oz jars. The next phase will include nuts and a selection of other bulk items.

Not crazy about dried fruit? Try this: Weaver Street allows shoppers to bring in their own containers to fill up with goodies like organic pistachios and chocolate almonds at its bulk station — just bring the jar to a cashier to be weighed beforehand.

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