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6 Raleigh-themed table topics

Spark the conversation this holiday season with these niche topics.

Someone holding a tray of barbecue, mac and cheese, and corn.

This might be controversial but... which barbecue type reigns supreme?

Photo by RALtoday

Are you dreading questions like: “When are you getting married?” or “Who did you vote for?” this holiday season? Consider utilizing one (or all) of these six table topics to spark a new, lighter conversation around the dinner table.

  • Which barbecue type reigns supreme?
  • What is your favorite local holiday tradition?
  • Which in-progress Raleigh development are you most excited about? (There are a lot.)
  • What is Raleigh’s Hollywood Sign?
  • If Raleigh wasn’t already nicknamed the City of Oaks, what would be its nickname?
  • If you were left on a deserted island, which Raleigh restaurant’s menu would you bring with you?
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