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Repel pesky mosquitoes, minimalist style

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The new Murphy's Naturals Refillable Stoneware with a refill candle burning inside.

Say hello to summer nights — and goodbye to pesky mosquitoes.

Photo by Murphy’s Naturals, Inc.

Here’s something we’re buzzing about. Murphy’s Naturals has a new refillable mosquito repellent candle — and it’s sustainable, stylish (think: modern stoneware), and repels those pesky freeloaders for hours. Did we mention it’s mindfully made in Raleigh?

Get ready to keep the outdoor gatherings going because this candle is meant to last forever, thanks to Murphy’s wax refills. Each refill contains powerful essential oils that repel mosquitoes for up to 30 hours.

Bonus: Once cleaned, the refill containers are recyclable.

Mosquitoes, be gone

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