The lowdown on to-go cocktails (6)

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On Dec. 21, Gov. Roy Cooper issued an executive order allowing the sale of to-go cocktails in the state, and since then, we’ve had a few questions about the order, as well as folks inquiring where they can purchase expertly mixed drinks they can enjoy at home. So today, let’s whet our thirst for knowledge on the topic.

The governor’s order is slated to last through 5 p.m., Jan. 31, unless otherwise modified or extended. It is intended to both slow the spread of coronavirus by allowing the drinks to be sold to-go (thus minimizing the time folks would otherwise spend around each other) and help support the food + beverage industry.

Did you know: 30+ states have passed similar measures since the spring? Earlier in 2020, NC lawmakers pushed for a bill that would allow restaurants to sell to-go cocktails, but the NC Senate didn’t pass it.

To refresh your memory, here are the details:

  • It allows restaurants, hotels, private clubs + bars, and distilleries to sell + deliver to-go cocktails and mixed drinks.
  • Customers must be at least 21, and only one drink can be ordered at a time per patron. In order to meet the age verification, each person must be present to pick up their own cocktail or present at delivery.
  • For both pick up + delivery, drinks must be in a closed + sealed container at all times.
  • Dining in but can’t finish your cocktail? No worries, you can take the rest home as long as staff seal it securely for you.
  • You don’t have to order food with your drink.
  • To-go cocktails must be the same size as standard mixed-drinks sold for on-site consumption.
  • Businesses may be open past the state’s current modified stay at home curfew of 10 p.m. — but only for to-go orders.
  • Alcohol sales in NC stop at 2 a.m.

So whether you’re craving a margarita or a specialty craft creation, there are a number of places you can hit up for tasty to-go libations that will help take the sting out of missing a seat at your favorite cocktail spot. From what we’ve found, these spots include Dos Taquitos, Oakwood Pizza Box, Locals Oyster Bar, The Haymaker, House of Hops, The Glass Jug Beer Lab, Crawford & Son, Parizade, Hummingbird, Picnic, Honest Abe’s, FOUNDATION, and Killjoy.

Did we miss any spots? Let us know here and tell us your favorite to-go drink order while you’re at it.

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