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Dueling Dinosaurs: Get front-row seats to dino discoveries at this new exhibit

This one-of-a-kind new exhibit from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences gives visitors a dino-mite experience that combines a real working lab with a modern (and interactive) exhibit.

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A person works on an enormous dino fossil. A team stands in the lab in front of a large covered fossil. The interior of the lab, with equipment and fossils.

Never before have visitors had the chance to explore a real paleontology lab from the inside.

Photos provided by the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Sixty-seven million years ago-ish a tyrannosaur and a Triceratops died side-by-side. Was it dinner? An epic duel? A natural disaster? That’s exactly what Dueling Dinosaurs — the new exhibit opening this Saturday, April 27, at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences — aims to uncover.

The recently discovered fossil contains among the most well-preserved specimens ever found of these two iconic dinosaurs, and over the next five years, the NCMNS Paleo Team will work to understand these giants + reveal the truth about how they died.

The best part? We, as the visitors, will enjoy a free front-row seat to the whole thing.

🔍 A one-of-a-kind exploration experience

A fossilized Triceratops skull as seen from above.

The Dueling Dinosaurs are so large that the Museum built a whole new lab just to study them.

Photo provided by the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Dueling Dinosaurs features the only open-access paleontology lab in the world, the SECU DinoLab.

Combining a real, working lab and modern exhibit elements into one experience, this incredible new approach lets visitors see live, cutting-edge research that will forever change the study of fossils.

Visitors engage directly with researchers + receive updates on the latest findings as they occur, meaning no two tours will ever be the same.

The exhibit also features projection mapping, interactive touch points, and a hands-on area where you can work with tools and technologies used in the lab in front of you.

🦴 Why this dino fossil is so special

These dueling dinos are truly a crown jewel among paleontologists. Not only were they found buried together — which is extremely rare — but this Cretaceous-era fossil contains skeletal structures, skin impressions, soft tissue, healed wounds, and even possible stomach contents.

It is a certified treasure trove of potential discovery, and we get to be there for all of it.

✂️ A can’t-miss Grand Opening

See the exhibit unveiled at the Dueling Dinosaurs Grand Opening this Saturday, April 27. It’s entirely free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

After April 27, the exhibit requires reservable free timed-entry tickets.

Get the dino-mite details

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