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Answered: Where would you film a Raleigh episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”?

Our city isn’t yet a part of the Triple D Nation — but we decided to cast our own episode anyway.

The front of The Roast Grill with a "Hot Wieners" sign.

The Roast Grill dates back to 1940.

If you’re a fan of Food Network or just a devotee of spiky-haired, goatee-clad television hosts, you’ve probably seen an episode or two of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” (also called “Triple D,” for those of us in the know). It’s been a staple of the channel since 2007 and boasts more than 400 episodes, with restaurateur Guy Fieri traveling the country searching for casual spots with delicious food. And yet — not once has the self-proclaimed Mayor of Flavortown paid a visit to Raleigh.

To save Guy Fieri and his team some work, we’ve designed a Raleigh-based episode of our own. (If you’re reading this, Food Network, you’re welcome.)

Most episodes feature three eateries, so this is where we’d send the red Camaro:

A caesar salad from Pooles Diner.

The Pickle Juice Caesar is one of those iconic dishes that we think everyone — especially Guy Fieri — needs to try at least once.

Photo provided by Poole’s Diner

Poole’s Diner, 426 S. McDowell St.
The show loves any dish with a twist, and this spot has comfort food twists and turns galore. From the Pickle Juice Caesar, Coffee Brined Pork Loin, and Macaroni au Gratin — Poole’s Diner offers an elevated diner experience that will satisfy greasy spoon lovers and gastronomy enthusiasts alike.

The Roast Grill, 7 S. West St.
You know and love this no-frills eatery for its “hot weiners” sign. As the sign advertises, The Roast Grill only does hot dogs — and does them well. Order one plain or get your frank smothered in chili. Ketchup lovers take note, the tomato-based condiment is not offered at The Roast.

Jack’s Seafood and Soul Food, 5416 Rock Quarry Rd. + 1516 New Bern Ave.
From fried chicken, catfish, oysters, pushpuppies, and slaw — we’re sure that the food at this joint would very likely earn a signature Guy Fieri compliment like “bomb-dot-com.”

Piggy bike racks outside of NOFO @ The Pig.

Our readers love NOFO for a classic Southern meal.

Photo by RALtoday

The Triangle’s restaurant scene could fill a whole “Triple D” season, so our picks are only scratching the surface. We wanted to know where you would send Guy Fieri if he were to roll into town, and you delivered some hot and fresh picks. Here are just a few of your Fieri-worthy eateries. We couldn’t fit them all, but let’s just say y’all have great taste.

(ish) delicatessen, 702 N. Person St.
City Editor Allie will take any chance to talk about ish, so thanks to Trixie T. for suggesting this one. Owner Matt Fern loves sandwiches, and it shows in this somewhat Southern, somewhat Jewish, and totally unique deli. We recommend the BL(R)T & Blue with roasted tomatoes and a heavy smattering of blue cheese.

J. Betski’s, 1916 Bernard St.
Enjoy central European fare with a hint of Southern inspiration, like the pierogi burger, the petite filet mignon served with borscht sauce, and traditional German spaetzle. Top off your meal with central European beers + wine, too — thanks Cathy L. for this tasty recommendation.

NOFO @ The Pig, 2014 Fairview Rd.
Housed in a former Piggly Wiggly, this Five Points spot offers classic Southern food like rich shrimp + grits, an apple cider-marinated pork chop, and cornmeal-coated trout. Plus, shop the market for specialty foods made in NC and the South — thank you Jeremy S. for suggesting this classic eatery.

Watkins Grill, 1625 Wake Forest Rd.
In business since 1947, this long-running greasy spoon serves top-notch breakfast foods out of a rustic dining room near TrunkShow. You’ll feel transported to another decade here, and don’t miss the daily pies — thanks for the tip, Dwight N.

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