Where are Raleighites from?

We’re diving into the data behind migration patterns in the City of Oaks.

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Odds are, your neighbor grew up here.

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Be honest, are you from Raleigh?

According to Migration Patterns — which uses data from the United States Census Bureau51% of Raleigh residents grew up in the City of Oaks.

We poked around on the map, which shows where people moved between the ages of 16 and 26, and found a few interesting facts.

Planting roots

66% of residents who moved to Raleigh elected to stay through young adulthood. So, where did the others go?

  • Approximately 14% stayed in NC, with 2.8% moving to Greensboro, 2.5% to Charlotte, 1.4% to Fayetteville, and 1.4% to Wilmington.
  • Approximately 20% left the state. Top destinations included New York City, Washington, DC, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Moving south

49% of Raleighites came from outside of the city. It’s likely that your neighbors are already North Carolinians or moved from up north.

  • Approximately 18% moved from other areas of NC, with 2.8% relocating from Greensboro, 2.3% from Charlotte, and 2.1% from Fayetteville.
  • Out-of-state relocation accounted for 31%, with the most common areas being New York City, Washington, DC, Newark, and Philadelphia.

View the Raleigh map — or any other US city — for yourself. Did these results surprise you? Tell us where you’re from.

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