Answered: The most deliciously-crafted lattes


The cherry marzipan latte from Iris Coffee Lab | Photo by @RALtoday

This week, we asked for recommendations on where to get the most deliciously-crafted lattes + you did not disappoint. Here are eight lattes Raleighites (and your City Editors) are sipping on in the Triangle.

Hazelnut caffe latte from Global Village on Hillsborough St. Just one of their usual great lattes + a variety of scones, cookies, and sandwiches (which they can grill).” — Henry S.

DYK: Global Village uses organic coffee that is grown only with natural fertilizers and without chemical pesticides.

Cinnamon Toast latte. It’s from Plates Kitchen on Glenwood South. My wife and I call it the ‘Brady Special’ when we order it (Brady is the barista at Plates). It will spoil you for everything else!” — Dolan S.

“The maple cardamom latte at Jubala is a fantastic winter special.” — Saliha B.

Chocolate covered strawberry latte at Coco in Chapel Hill. My new favorite. 😍” — Kim P.

“The best local lattes I have had are at Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham.” — Mike R.

“Try the Nitro Mocha from Caribou Coffee. Tastes like chocolate milk.” — Charlotte R.

☕ Pro tip: If you like coffee + chocolate milk, try the ‘Jenny’ from Yellow Dog Bakery.

Vanilla latte, aka old reliable, from Sola Coffee Cafe. This is the first coffee shop I tried when I moved to the City of Oaks in 2017 + it will always be my favorite. I spent hours here looking for jobs right out of college and drank my weight in lattes and cappuccinos.” — City Editor Cat

“The cherry marzipan latte at Iris Coffee Lab is one of the most unique lattes I have ever tasted — and I have tried a lot. The flavors are rich without being too sweet and work together so well.” — City Editor Anne

Thanks a latte for these tasty recommendations.

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