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How Hungry Harvest can help you achieve your New Year’s wellness resolutions

Spread of eggs and veggies
Hungry Harvest rescues produce that would go to waste and delivers it to customers, while paying farmers a fair price | Photo provided

We’re ready to put 2020 behind us and kick off 2021 with new goals + resolutions. However, most of us aren’t that great at sticking to those goals – January 17 is the day most Americans give up on their New Year’s resolutions.

A better alternative to a lofty resolution? Building an achievable healthy habit. But be prepared to invest your time – it can take up to 66 days for a new habit to become automatic. In the kitchen, a subscription to Hungry Harvest can help.

woman holding box
20 billion pounds of produce go to waste every year in the U.S. for being the wrong size, color or shape | Photo via Hungry Harvest

Here’s how Hungry Harvest can help you build strong health + wellness habits: 

  • Variety: Kickstart your meal planning + prep process with a variety of produce that’s customizable to fit your needs – whether you’re single or feeding a family of 4.
  • Consistency: Weekly contactless delivery of Harvest boxes means you’ll always have fresh ingredients on hand. 
  • Affordability: Harvest boxes start as low as $15. Pantry staples and specialty ingredients (read: raw honey + quinoa) can be added to your order so you don’t have to make an additional stop at the grocery store.
  • Philanthropy: Help eliminate food waste. Hungry Harvest, which has a distribution facility right here in Raleigh, works directly with farmers to rescue produce that doesn’t meet grocery store standards of size and appearance (read: they save “ugly” – but still edible – fruits and veggies). Every delivery helps to eliminate at least 10 lbs. of food from going to waste, along with all the resources (water, oil, Greenhouse Gas emissions) used to grow it. 

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