Meet 4 new felines at the Carolina Tiger Rescue

The sanctuary will soon house eight bobcats.

A recent bobcat rescue at The Carolina Tiger Rescue.

What would you name this bobcat?

Photo courtesy of the Carolina Tiger Rescue

The Carolina Tiger Rescue will soon welcome four bobcats to its sanctuary, doubling its current number of bobcat residents. The cats will enter their new, permanent home once they are cleared by the rescue’s veterinarian.

The cats, who have lived together their entire lives, were acquired from a private owner in Texas and traveled 17+ hours to Pittsboro, NC. The two males and two females range in age from ~1.5 to 5 years old. The rescue says they’re settling in well.

Bobcats are small, highly adaptable cats found in habitats ranging from southern Canada to central Mexico. They get their name from their short, “bobbed” tail, which helps them jump up to 10 feet to ambush their prey.

The rescue will introduce each bobcat individually next week on their Instagram. We can’t wait to learn their names.

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