#TryThis: HydraFacial from Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery

Yelena talks with Rachel
A free skincare consultation can help you determine which treatment is right for you | Photo by the RALtoday team

Hey, Raleigh, Rachel here. 👋  After months of mask-wearing and planning a wedding, my skin was feeling dulland in need of a refresh. I consulted Yelena Migirova, a Licensed Medical Esthetician with Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery (TFPS), to see what treatment could rejuvenate my skin for a glowing summer. 

What we tried (with pricing): 

Yelena starts by cleansing the skin.

For my skin type and condition, we decided that a HydraFacial ($225) — one of the many different facials offered at the practice — would be a great way to get my skin in the best shape

Unlike other facials, this type of medical-grade facial combines many skincare elements, including cleansing, exfoliating + hydrating, into one procedure. Yelena is also able to infuse different serums into your skin with the HydraFacial tool. This isn’t an over-the-counter face mask you’ll find in the beauty section of Target. 

The facial takes about 30 minutes to complete.

As someone who doesn’t get facials regularly, my facial included a low-concentrated Glycolic Acid peel to remove any dead skin and give it a smoother appearance. 

For the best results, Yelena recommends getting a facial once a month. TFPS offers several different facials ranging from $50-225. A free skincare consultation will help you determine which one fits you best.

What not to miss:

The beauty of a visit to the TFPS practice is the customization of care each patient receives. Yelena works with each client to customize the procedure. My consultation with Yelena yielded information about my skin that I’d only guessed about in the past — like slight sun damage and that my skin type is more “normal” than “oily.” 

Rachel with LED light mask
LED Color Light Therapy helps clear skin and treat blemishes while accelerating healing | Photo by the RALtoday team

A facial works best alongside a good skincare routine. Yelena can advise what products to work into your routine. #ProTip: Skin starts aging as soon as the age of 20, which means you should be proactive in your skincare instead of waiting to fix a problem

What we’re still talking about: 

Convenience. You’re in and out of the door in 30 minutes with no downtime after the treatment, which means you can do it during your lunch break. Yelena recommends avoiding the application of makeup right after the treatment so you can enjoy the glowing results.  

Kind of gross, but you can see everything that was removed at the end of the facial.

How you can experience this: 

Schedule a free skincare consultation with TFPS. 

Things to know if you go: