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New, virtual practice Optimal Human Health offers hormone therapy + more

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Dr. Douglas Lucas and Dr. Russell Van Meale of Optimal Human Health

Dr. Douglas Lucas and Dr. Russell Van Meale of Optimal Human Health | Photos provided

Let’s talk hormones. Did you just get uncomfortable? Maybe you don’t talk (or even think) about your hormones very often, but understanding them — like with most things — is the first step to managing them. And the more we understand our bodies, the better we can treat them, right?

That’s what the team at Optimal Human Health (OHH) believes, and they take it a step further: The new, virtual practice delves into each patient’s genetic makeup to better understand their health and unique needs. Using DNA, labs, and coaching, they can help patients not just by replacing hormones, but to optimize their lives around them via lifestyle, nutrition, targeted supplementation, and medication prescription if needed.


The physician-led team will also review a patient’s medications — they can prescribe as needed, but can also help patients wean off medications and reduce unnecessary supplements.

OHH takes a big picture approach, which can make a big difference. Curious about what the OHH team could offer you? Set up a free, 15-minute consultation with Dr. Doug or Dr. Russell. Ⓟ

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