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Naternal Wellness offering free Delta-9 gummies for 21+ (today only)

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Delta-9 has grown in popularity, but there are a few things to know before you try it. | Photo provided by Naternal

Hemp is a budding industry. Since the Farm Bill federally legalized the hemp plant in 2018, the production + use of hemp-derived products (think: CBD, Delta-8 and Delta-9) has skyrocketed.

Thanks to Raleigh-based brand Naternal, getting safe, high-quality, and locally made hemp products is easier than ever. Naternal just launched a new line of Delta-9 gummies.

Whether you’re interested in trying it out or want to educate yourself, here are four quick facts
about Delta-9

  • Delta-9 is federally legal up to 0.3% by weight (unless states create new legislation) — but users in NC must be 21+ to purchase these products.
  • Delta-9 is mildly psychoactive when dosed properly (whereas CBD is non-psychoactive).
  • Delta-9 users report feelings of relaxation, improved sensory perceptions + more.
  • If you do try it, finding your minimum effective dose is key (typically, 1-3mg of Delta-9 is considered a microdose)Naternal’s Delta-9 gummies are dosed at 3mg per gummy.

Interested? Right now, Naternal is throwing in free Delta-9 gummies with every order over $40 with code FREETHC at checkout. Heads up, this is a one-day offer.*

Please note: Naternal Wellness advises consumers to read the company’s terms & conditions, consult a physician before trying products, start only with small amounts, and to not consume Delta-9 before driving or before a drug test. Cart total must include $40+ worth of products to add promotional item.

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