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Photo by North Raleigh Fit Body Boot Camp

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Hey Raleigh, Trevor here. 👋 If you saw in yesterday’s newsletter, day one of the #RALremote diaries consisted of me rushing to the gym for one last workout before it closed for two weeks. I’m trying my best to fight off the 15 pounds that will inevitably come from this self quarantine.

Now that my gym, the Alexander Family YMCA, is not an option for the time being, I’ve been looking around for some at home workout resources with a local twist. If you know of any, share them with me by replying to this email or sharing them with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

🏋️ The YMCA offers free virtual exercise classes ranging from beginners yoga to barre with your chair.

🏋️ Growga, a mobile yoga startup based in Chapel Hill, is offering free online yoga classes. Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. + Saturday at 10 a.m. they will stream Growga Family Class for everyone in your family to find their zen. Register here. 🧘

🏋️ North Raleigh Fit Body Boot Camp has started an online series appropriately titled ARMAGEDDON. The workouts for this week can be found on Youtube + show you a 30 minute routine with minimal to no equipment.


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