What should replace Poole’side Pies?

Pizza restaurant Poole’side Pies from AC Restaurant group is closing its doors in December. We asked our readers what should take its place.

A neon sign of a woman diving into a pizza.

Dive into reader suggestions for the Poole’side Pies space.

Photo by RALtoday

Chef Ashley Christensen made a splash this week when she announced the closure of Poole’side Pies at the end of December. AC fans, don’t fret — the restaurant group plans to implement a new concept in the space soon. We asked our readers what they’d like to see at the spot — here’s a few of our favs.

Many readers suggested something veggie-based with dishes like paleo bites, Mediterranean inspired-dishes, and fine dining with a vegan twist. If you’re looking for plant-based eateries, we’ve got a list for that.

Our readers also suggested a tapas + wine concept that would function as a waiting space for Poole’s — or a dry bar. Readers Jane C. and Hailey Q. proposed a breakfast restaurant.

For ideas a bit more community-focused, Sydney S. suggested a food pantry, and Banks P. wants a community market with hot food alongside local produce + prepared foods.

Reader Deb M. put our feelings best: “Whatever her heart desires. I’m sure it will be wonderful!”

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