Local restaurants we’d change our names to for a lifetime of free food

Subway’s newest promotion offers one customer a lifetime of sub sandwiches under one condition: they change their name to Subway. We want to know what Raleigh restaurant you’d do the same for some free food.

A plate of mediterranean food.

Renaming yourself for free food sounds far-fetched, but we’d do it for these spots.

Photo by RALtoday

Have you heard about Subway’s newest promotion? Fans of the nationwide sammy chain can enter to win a lifetime’s worth of subs under one condition: legally change your name to Subway. This got us thinking, what Raleigh spot would we change our names to in exchange for a lifetime supply of free food?

If this happened citywide, we think there would be a lot of The Pit and Beasley’s hanging around Raleigh. And if we’re talking nationally recognized businesses, Golden Corral has a nice ring to it, or maybe even Cook Out.

Personally, we’d like to reintroduce ourselves as City Editors Mojoe’s and Neomonde, formerly Cat and Allie, respectively.

Tell us which Raleigh eatery you’d change your name to for a lifetime of free food.

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