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19 colorful murals to see around Raleigh

Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.

A mural of a cardinal surrounded by bright flowers.

Check out the Village District’s recently finished 2,000+ sqft mural by artist Sean Kernick.

Photo by RALtoday

We all know that Raleigh has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about CAM or the NCMA. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Raleigh itself.

The City of Oaks is home to a number of meaningful murals and street art pieces. Today, we’re sharing where to find murals that really paint a picture of our city.

All Are Welcome 2

All are welcome in the City of Oaks.

Photo by RALtoday

“All Are Welcome,” 428 S. McDowell St. | By Luke Buchanan

You can find this mural on the side of Poole’side Pies’ old space across from Red Hat Amphitheater. Originally painted in 2015, local award-winning chef and restaurateur Ashley Christensen commissioned this piece to promote equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

Ann and Allen Iverson mural

This mural is “a shout out to moms everywhere.”

Photo by RALtoday

“Ann and Allen Iverson,” 409 W. Martin St. | By Stephen “ESPO” Powers

Painted on CAM Raleigh in 2018, this mural depicts a legendary scene from the 1990s when pro basketball player Allen Iverson’s mother, Ann, braided his hair courtside during an NBA game. This actually happened.

Carolina Hurricanes mural

This piece celebrates the Canes.

Photo by Gabriel Eng-Goetz

“Carolina Hurricanes,” 306 Gale St. | By Gabriel Eng-Goetz

Eng-Goetz painted this mural as an ode to the Canes’ journey in the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs. The concentric circles and lines form a weather chart and the numbers that typically mark wind speed indicate every year that the Canes have made the playoffs. 2006, the year the Canes won the cup, is in dark orange.

Color Pop Corner mural

Find this mural at Marbles Kids Museum.

Photo by RALtoday

“Color Pop Corner,” 102 S. Blount St. | By Lisa Gaither

Raleighite Lisa has painted hundreds of murals of varying sizes since the 1990s, including this colorful and geometric piece at Marbles Kids Museum.

People gathering in front of a new bright floral mural at a rooftop bar.

Enjoy a cocktail while viewing Taylor White’s mural.

Photo by RALtoday

“From the Ashes,” 9 Glenwood Ave. | By Taylor White

Look up to see this mural — it’s wrapped around The Willard Rooftop Lounge (and can be spotted from the street below). The piece was inspired by the botanical collection of the late William Willard Ashe, a forester, botanist, and UNC graduate who grew up in a home behind the hotel.

The "Hand Out Happiness" mural outside of Goodnights Comedy Club.

Goodnights Comedy Club is now open at its permanent location in the Village District.

Photo by RALtoday

“Hand Out Happiness,” 401 Woodburn Rd. | By Village District

You know you’ve arrived at Goodnights Comedy Club’s new location when you see this bright and bold mural in the Village District.

"Look for the Best in People" mural in North Hills.

Find this mural near REI and a soon-to-be ABC store.

Photo by RALtoday

“Look for the Best in People,” 4261 The Circle at North Hills St. | By Shannon Snow

This is Georgia-based artist Shannon Snow’s first mural. It took three days to create this bright pop of positivity between the Bank of America and REI in North Hills.

The Mount Rapmore of the 2010s

This piece honors modern rap legends including J. Cole.

Photo by RALtoday

“The Mount Rapmore of the 2010s,” 416 S. Dawson St. | By Jeks One

Inspired by Mt. Rushmore, this piece honors modern rap legends. Yes, that’s local star J. Cole alongside Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Kendrick Lamar — Lamar is the only artist yet to headline Dreamville Festival.

A mural of "Raleigh" and bikes.

This mural celebrates movement, health, wellness, and the outdoors through cycling.

Photo by RALtoday

National Bike Month mural, 401 Hillsborough St., Raleigh | By Mayanthi Jayawardena

Don’t forget to brake for this one — in honor of National Bike Month, the City of Raleigh had local artist Jayawardena install this mural on Exploris Middle School in May 2023.

A mural of a cardinal surrounded by bright flowers.

Check out the Village District’s recently finished 2,000+ sqft mural by artist Sean Kernick

Photo by RALtoday

NC wildlife mural, Cameron Street | By Sean Kernick

Featuring over a dozen NC native species of flowers and birds, this mural welcomes visitors to Village District and was commissioned in honor of the district’s 75th anniversary.

A colorful mural with a child holding a letter.

Parks for the People

Photo by Gabriel Eng-Goetz

“Parks for the People,” 415 Hillsborough St. | By Gabriel Eng-Goetz

Painted in 2022, this mural was inspired by Dorothea Dix Park to encourage viewers to reflect on the park’s past while also looking toward its future. The imagery tells the story of emancipation, mental health, and Indigenous people in the park and features Dix’s signature sunflowers and ginko tree. Plus, this mural is now the backdrop for Raleigh’s smallest park.

A colorful and tall mural with fantastical creatures.

While RTP employees dine at this unique food hall-style eatery, they can admire this vivid mural.

Photo provided by Gabriel Eng-Goetz

“Rebirth,” 900 Park Offices Dr., Research Triangle Park | By Gabriel Eng-Goetz

Spanning four walls and thousands of square feet, this mural celebrates the multi-cultural heritage of the 919 with vibrancy at the epicenter for innovation in the Triangle.


Shaw University 150 Anniversary

Photo by RALtoday

“Shaw University 150th Anniversary,” 720 S. Blount St. | By Scott Nurkin

Shaw University — the first historically Black university in the South and one of the oldest in the nation — was founded in 1865. It was the first college in the US to offer a four-year medical school and the first HBCU to enroll women. It celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015.

The Sir Walter mural inside The Casso hotel.

Find this piece in the lobby of The Casso.

Photo by RALtoday

“Sir Walter,” 603 W. Morgan St. | By Spence Townsend

This moody mural, completed in 2020, is tucked away inside the lobby of The Casso hotel. It features the City of Oaks’ namesake, Sir Walter Raleigh.

Artists Jay Coachman, Artie Barksdale, and Maya Freelon standing in front of the new, colorful landmark across a parking garage.

Jay Coachman, Artie Barksdale, and Maya Freelon in front of “Spill” in Smoky Hollow.

Photo by RALtoday

“Spill,” 524 N. West St. | By Maya Freelon, Artie Barksdale, and Jay Coachman

This interpretive mural, inspired by Maya Freelon’s original artwork of the same name, was unveiled in September 2022. You can find it in Smoky Hollow across from Midwood Smokehouse.

A colorful, geometric mural.

Morgan finished his large, colorful mural last weekend.

Photo by Morgan Cook

“Steel Symphony,” 1101 E. Whitaker Mill Rd. | By Morgan Cook

We talked with Cook while this mural was being installed in this growing development — read our conversation to learn more about Cook’s work around Raleigh.

City Editor Anne in front of the "What Lifts You" mural in North Hills.

This North Hills mural is a great photo op.

Photo by RALtoday

“What Lifts You,” 4208 Six Forks Rd. | By Kelsey Montague

Don’t forget to snap a photo in front of this interactive and Instagram-worthy mural. Kelsey’s wings, which are a part of her #WhatLiftsYou campaign, can also be found at Fenton in Cary.

"Women's ICC" mural

Check out this mural after grabbing a bite at Morgan Street Food Hall.

Photo by RALtoday

“Women’s ICC,” 411 W. Morgan St. | By Taylor White

The four athletes featured in this piece were key soccer players from the four teams — including the NC Courage — that competed in the 2019 Women’s International Champions Cup tournament hosted in Cary.

Wish You Were Here mural

Find this mural on the side of the former Rialto Theatre.

Photo by RALtoday

“Wish You Were Here,” 1620 Glenwood Ave. | By Joseph Giampino

This mural is painted on the now-reopened Rialto Theatre, the oldest operating movie theater in Raleigh.

Coming soon: “Asian Joy,” near Raleigh Union Station | By Ina Liu, Isabel Lu, and Sophie Tô

This new mural based on Asian American oral histories focused on finding joy will be installed near Raleigh Union Station as part of SEEK Raleigh. The mural will be installed throughout May 2024 — check out the rendering of the final product.

Want to make a day out of finding all the murals our city has to offer? Have a peek at this public art map and share photos of your artsy adventure with us on social media by using #RALtoday.

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