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Entrance to the second phase of Smoky Hollow | Photo by RALtoday

If you’ve heard about this new Downtown project with an intriguing name, but aren’t quite sure what it entails, keep reading. RALtoday sat down with one of the developers behind Smoky Hollow — Kane Realty Corporation — to learn more about the history of the area, retail coming soon + future events.

Smoky Hollow is a mixed-use project located near Downtown’s Glenwood South district + adjacent to the proposed Devereux Meadows Park.

What’s there

The first phase of the project opened in spring 2020 with the Peace Apartments — a 417-unit apartment building atop a ~50,000 sqft Publix grocery store.

The second phase includes the Line Apartments (283 apartment units over retail), 421 N. Harrington St. (225,000 sqft of office space over retail) + a parking deck.

The history

In the 1800s, the Smoky Hollow neighborhood was primarily an African American community + an area where blue-collar mill + railroad workers lived, according to director of design for Kane Realty Josie Reeves. The area was defined by the railroad tracks that still run through the district today.

Coal-burning trains would travel through + emit smoke that would settle in the low neighborhood — thus making a smoky hollow, she said.

Coming soon

The Line Apartments + the 421 office space are both open to lease, and so far 4 retail spots have been announced as coming soon:

The outdoor space in between the Line Apartments + the 421 building, known as the Hollow, hosts a new Raleigh Night Market on the second Wednesday of each month from 5-9 p.m.

Smoky Hollow doesn’t end there — the development team is in the early design stages for a third phase now.

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