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Meet RALtoday City Editors Allie + Danyale

After City Editor Danyale’s first month at RALtoday, we wanted to say hey and get readers reintroduced to the team behind our newsletters and social media.

Two women stand on a rooftop in front of Raleigh's skyline

Meet Danyale and Allie, your RALtoday City Editors.

Photo by RALtoday

Hey folks — City Editors Allie and Danyale here. We have the pleasure of providing Raleigh with hyper-local news daily through our newsletter and social media, and we wanted to reintroduce ourselves because we have a new face in town.

Meet Danyale

Q: How did you end up in Raleigh?

A: I relocated to Raleigh from VA after graduating from Old Dominion University because I wanted to branch out and grow while still feeling at home. Raleigh provided that dual feeling of a buzzing city with varying vibes for whatever I’m feeling.

Q: If you were taking someone on a tour around Raleigh, where are the three places you’re going?

A: Ugh! There are so many amazing places to visit in Raleigh, but if I have to narrow it down, it would definitely be CAM Raleigh, Watts & Ward, and the State Farmers Market. I feel the three offer a variety of the art scene, night life, and good eating.

Q: You can only choose one local restaurant menu to bring with you to a deserted island — which one is it + why?

A: I would bring STIR’s menu. The menu is always fresh with new and delicious options, and I also really enjoy the variety offered. It doesn’t matter what time of day I go, the food is always amazing.

Meet Allie

Q: In 50 words or less, describe your perfect Raleigh day.

A: For breakfast, I’d grab a bacon, egg, and cheese on a grits bagel from Benchwarmers. Then, I’d explore the NC Museum of Art. For lunch, I’m stopping by (ish) delicatessen and shopping along Person Street. To end the day, a chill dinner + drink from Gussie’s with friends.

Q: What are the last three things you did downtown?

A: As a proud downtown resident, it might be easier to name what I didn’t do downtown. I stopped by Boulted Bread for an afternoon treat + bev — their morning bun simply can’t be beat. A friend and I recently wandered Copperline Plant Co., and I came home with a giant new Monstera that sits with me as I write our newsletters. I also took a nice long walk past the Joel Lane House and felt excited to be near such rich Raleigh history.

Q: What’s a local trivia tidbit every Raleighite should know?

A: There’s so much fascinating history here, so I’ll give a few factoids. Village District had an underground music venue that hosted Duke Ellington, Jimmy Buffett, and Bette Midler, among others. Raleigh has five sister cities. Raleigh’s namesake — Sir Walter— never set foot in Oak City, or North America for that matter.

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