Little Native Coffee will serve good brews and community in a cozy space

Little Native Coffee will open in early 2024 next to Boot and Trunk on South Person Street and will give Raleighites near Moore Square a chance to slow down and enjoy.

An unfinished coffee shop with green walls, plants, and an espresso machine.

Little Native Coffee’s space will emphasize its natural light from overhead skylights, its historic industrial roots, and earthy influences.

Photo by RALtoday

Little Native Coffee — a coffee shop from the team behind Cloche Coffee in Durham — is moving into 426 S. Person St., right next to Boot & Trunk near Moore Square. This 400-sqft industrial-meets-earthy cafe will open in 2024.

“The beautiful thing about coffee shops is that communities adapt them and create what they want out of them,” co-owner Ashleigh Davis told RALtoday. “So it has yet to be determined if we’re going to be the study spot or the in-and-out coffee spot or for moms to meet up and chit chat. I’m really excited to see what the community wants to use us for.”

Davis has plenty of experience in the coffee industry, and appreciates the ambience of coffee shops more than anything.

"[My partner and I] really fell in love with coffee from the experience of coffee shops,” Davis said. “We weren’t big drinkers so we would go to a new city and coffee shop hop; take one drink and drink it on the way to the next one.”

An unfinished industrial coffee shop with a plant.

Little Native makes the most of its 400-sqft space.

Photo by RALtoday

While the shop is still under construction, Little Native plans to work with its outside space to create an attached patio for events, food pop-ups, and an extension of the cafe space.

Little Native will use Larry’s Coffee and focus on both flavors new and familiar to customers, but will lean more toward floral, herbal, and plant-based flavors to match the space.

Stay tuned for more updates by following Little Native on Instagram and checking its website. According to Davis, the shop will open its doors in early 2024.