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Dix Park to transform pair of power poles into giant sunflowers

The $2.5 million project will add to Dix Park’s growing landscape. This creative infrastructure will begin construction early 2024.

Two metal power poles that look like sunflowers.

These stunning additions will be crafted by veteran Raleigh artist, Thomas Sayre.

Rending provided by Dix Park Conservancy

The Dix Park Conservancy has teamed up with Duke Energy to transform two ordinary power poles in the park into 73-ft sunflowers, a permanent feature highlighting the seasonal sunflower field.

Designed by Raleigh artist Thomas Sayre, who is also behind the rings at the NCMA, “Gyre,” and “Shimmer Wall” overlooking Red Hat Amphitheater, these 73-ft metal sunflowers will frame the entry to the upcoming Gipson Play Plaza, a 18.5-acre public space for all ages.

The sunflowers will be positioned along Lake Wheeler Road and will be prominent in front of the downtown skyline. Each petal of these sunflowers will be eight to 10 feet tall and patterned with perforations.

This $2.5 million project is powered by private donations and is a collaboration between Dix Park Conservancy, Duke Energy, and Sayre. These flowers should be in service by November 2024.