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The zodiac signs as Raleigh neighborhoods

Your home, your favorite coffee shop, your daily commute aren’t just written in the skyline — they may be written in the stars. Keep reading to find out the zodiac signs as Raleigh neighborhoods.

The Raleigh skyline from the Boylan Bridge.

Some might say Raleigh’s neighborhoods are written in the stars.

Photo by RALtoday

One of the most loveable things about Raleigh is the distinct character found in each neighborhood, district, and corner of town. They all have their own personalities and purposes — some would say it was written in the stars. Let’s take a look at how our neighborhoods align with the zodiac signs.

Aquarius: East Raleigh | Jan. 20- Feb. 18

The unique businesses of East Raleigh embody the eclectic nature of an Aquarius. We recommend catching a movie at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and hitting up Little Blue Bakehouse for a sweet denouement. With the spirit of an activist, this sign might also lend a hand at The Women’s Center.

Pisces: Mordecai | Feb. 19-March 20

This quaint neighborhood provides the perfect escapist moment for a Pisces to relax. Not one to boast, but in this historic district resides the Mordecai House, the oldest home in Raleigh. With its nurturing characteristics, it only makes sense that places like Raleigh City Farm and Yellow Dog Bread Co. call this neighborhood home.

A little shed that reads "Raleigh City Farm."

Pisces love to volunteer at Raleigh City Farm.

Photo by RALtoday

Aries: North Hills | March 21-April 19

Known as the passionate and confident leader of the zodiac, an Aries would feel right at home in North Hills.

Bustling with young professionals and work-minded folks, this sign would enjoy hosting an Italian-inspired lunch meeting at Cucciolo Terrazza, sipping an after work cocktail at Level7, and releasing some stress at Midtown Yoga.

Taurus: Crabtree Valley | April 20-May 20

It takes a calm + patient sign to navigate the crowds at this shopping hub.

Home to Crabtree Valley Mall, the Crabtree Creek Greenway Trail, and The Optimist, this area has a ton of reliable spots for this sign to shop, eat, drink, and get active.

A cup of coffee.

Fiction Coffee’s former space recently reopened as The Optimist near Crabtree.

Photo by RALtoday

Gemini: Oakwood | May 21-June 20

This sign’s duality characteristics embody the neighborhood’s two-section divide.

The extroverted nature of a Gemini means they tend to get along with all kinds of people — similar to Oakwood, which is Raleigh’s oldest and largest historic district. From lunch spots like Oakwood Pizza Box to Chef Scott Crawford’s timeless French bistro Jolie and outdoor strolls at the Historic Oakwood Cemetery, this neighborhood has something unique for everyone to enjoy.

Cancer: Boylan Heights | June 21-July 22

The sentimental and gentle nature of this sign is the perfect match for Boylan Heights. Featuring 20th-century architecture and stunning views of the Raleigh skyline from the Boylan Bridge, this slice of town is rich in history and abundant in hard-working Raleighites.

Raise a toast at the historic Heights House Hotel, watch bakers knead dough at Boulted Bread, or take in the skyline sunset over dinner at Wye Hill.

A purple/pink cocktail on a gold table.

There are so many quaint spots to discover in Oakwood, like Jolie.

Photo by RALtoday

Leo: Glenwood South | July 23-Aug. 22

Similar to this neighborhood’s popular nightlife scene + vibrant eateries, this sign is welcoming and makes its presence known. Confident by nature, spots like Vidrio, Cortez, and Dram & Draught would make this fire sign feel right at home. This sign might also enjoy tapping into its creative spirit over an Iris Coffee Lab cappuccino.

Virgo: Village District | Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This earth sign has very practical and grounded qualities, making Village District (Cameron Park) a perfect fit. From practical spots like Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming to unique stops such as Cheshire Cat Antique Gallery + Goodnights Comedy Club, this area is sure to leave a Virgo’s busy mind feeling satisfied.

Libra: University Park | Sept. 23-Oct. 22

University Park’s active yet small-town vibe is just as balanced as a Libra. With a college atmosphere and local greenspaces like Jaycee Park + Raleigh Rose Garden, brew houses like Cup A Joe, and long-time residents such as Mitch’s Tavern, this quirky yet charming part of the City of Oaks is fitting for this air sign.

A single pink rose.

The roses at Raleigh Rose Garden start to bloom every year near Mother’s Day.

Photo by RALtoday

Scorpio: Warehouse District | Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The aura of the Warehouse District’s industrial architecture perfectly encapsulates this intuitive sign. Scorpios can breathe easy knowing they are surrounded by intentional + ambitious businesses like CAM Raleigh and the Raleigh Denim Workshop and Curatory.

Though loyal, this sign shows tendencies of jealousy which can often be dished over a beer at Crank Arm Brewing Company.

Sagittarius: Brier Creek | Nov. 22-Dec. 21

As an adventure seeker, you’ll be able to make a speedy getaway from Brier Creek with close proximity to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

This sign’s need for constant change and adventure can be fed by quick jaunts to Durham, or at close by spots like William B. Umstead State Park, Frankie’s Fun Park, and members-only Brier Creek Country Club.

Capricorn: Five Points | Dec. 22- Jan. 19

The hard working characteristics of a Capricorn might just lead this sign to Idle Hour Coffee Roasters to work remotely and network. When it’s time to cut loose, Capricorns will have plenty to choose from when it comes to food, drinks, coffee, and recreation.

Watch a movie or live show at the refreshed Rialto or grab a slice of cake from the timeless Hayes Barton Cafe.

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