5 iconic Raleigh signs

Do you recognize these landmarks in the City of Oaks?

The Longleaf Hotel's neon sign.

Thrillist named Longleaf NC’s coolest hotel in 2022.

Photo by Tyler Northrup

We asked readers what came to mind as the most iconic Raleigh signs. Here are five signs we love to pass by.

The Longleaf Hotel

📍 300 N. Dawson St. | You know you’ve made it downtown when you see the “Long Live Longleaf” neon light. The hotel was originally built in the 1960s and was renovated in 2019, giving it a mid-century modern look. In 2022, Thrillist named it the coolest hotel in NC.

The exterior and sign of the first Char-Grill restaurant.

The first Char-Grill opened on Hillsborough Street in 1959.

Photo by RALtoday

The original Char-Grill

📍 618 Hillsborough St. | This is where it all began. In 1959, restaurateur Bruce Garner opened the first Char-Grill ever. This location has been slingin’ flame-cooked burgers ever since. The eatery could be torn down to make way for a new mixed-use tower, but the developers plan to rebuild and incorporate the restaurant.

Deco's neon sign in front of their downtown Raleigh shop.

Deco’s neon sign was installed in November 2022.

Photo by @glas.work


📍 207 S. Salisbury St. | This quirky gift shop got a face lift in November 2022 to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. The star of the show is the new neon sign designed by the local makers at Glas.

The Hot Weiners sign at The Roast Grill.

Hungry for a hot dog?

Photo by RALtoday

The Roast Grill

📍 7 S. West St. | Get ‘em while they’re fresh. This 13-seat, hole-in-the-wall restaurant has been serving hot weiners since 1940. Check out seven more spots to grab a dawg in Raleigh.

The Krispy Kreme sign on Person Street.

The Krispy Kreme sign on Person Street.

Photo by RALtoday

Krispy Kreme

📍 549 N. Person St. | You already know where we’ll be when the “hot now” sign lights up. This is where runners down one dozen glazed donuts during the annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, a charity race supporting UNC Children’s Hospital.

Was your favorite sign left off the list? Give us a sign and maybe we’ll add five more.

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