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You asked, Synergy Face + Body answered: The No. 1 question on summer skincare

See Synergy CEO’s expert recs for your top questions.

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Synergy Face + Body CEO Anna Churchill poses for a photo on a stool.

Synergy Face + Body CEO Anna Churchill answers recent questions from Raleighites in the first installment of our Q+A series.

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We asked readers to send us their most burning summer skincare questions — and back with the answers is Synergy Face + Body CEO Anna Churchill. Here’s her expert rec for your No. 1 question:

Q: I can’t help but think that I’m looking a lot older than I actually am, and I think it could be from years of sun damage. How can I know exactly where my skin stands and where to go from there?

A: The VISIA Complexion Analysis System by Canfield Scientific provides the most sophisticated experience for aesthetic + skin care consultations. Taking a photo in its interface is quick (under a minute) and reveals red spots, brown spots, UV damage, wrinkle density, texture + pores.

During a consultation with Synergy, VISIA can show a simulation of how your skin will age in the next few years. This evaluation is a must-do before investing in home care products and skin procedures, like injectables or laser treatments, or facial plastic surgery.*

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