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Inside SKILL: Raleigh’s new upbeat fitness studio

Take a look inside Raleigh’s newest fitness studio that offers an energetic take on cardio, core, conditioning, and more.

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Inside of the cycling room at Skill Fitness Studio in Raleigh.

Find your fun fitness community at SKILL.

Photo by by SKILL Fitness Studios

Step (or dance) into the state-of-the-art SKILL Fitness Studio. From indoor cycling and strength training to dance cardio and Pilates, this boutique fitness studio’s energetic and rhythmic vibe (think: neon lights) drives their six class offerings:

  • R1DE: A music + choreography-driven cycling class
  • SK1LLATES: A total-body, cardio Pilates workout
  • High Fitness: A “new old-school” dance cardio class
  • SK1LL Strength: High-intensity dance aerobics
  • TR1PLE Threat: An upbeat fitness sampling of every class offering
  • SK1LL Stretch: Low-impact, motion-improving class to reset and release tension

Instructors will guide you through a fun and challenging session — just listen to their cues and the beat of the music.

Don’t miss upcoming events like Pride-themed rides and SK1LL + BILLZ, a cycling and HIIT class with local fitness influencer Billie Walls on Saturday, June 24.

Ready to join the community? Email the studio to book your first class for free.

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