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Expert answers your questions about CoolSculpting, collagen + more

Synergy Face + Body founder Anna Churchill is back to answer 3 RALtoday reader-submitted questions.

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Five members of the Synergy Face + Body team stand inside a construction site wearing black hard hats.

The Synergy team is getting ready for the grand reopening of the original location in its new North Hills home.

Photo provided by Synergy Face + Body

Synergy Face + Body founder Anna Churchill is back + bringing more expert insight to reader-submitted questions. Here’s what RALtoday wanted to know:

How do I restore volume in my face + increase collagen?

Fat pads shrink as we age, but treatments like RF microneedling + Sofwave use energy or heat to stimulate your body’s collagen production + help restore volume. Hyaluronic Acid-based fillers also add volume by providing support beneath the skin.

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🧊 Which offers better results: CoolSculpting or Accufit?

CoolSculpting permanently removes stubborn fat via cryolipolysis, while Accufit uses electromagnetic energy to tone your muscles + help build strength.

We see the best results in tandem — de-bulking with CoolSculpting, followed by Accufit treatments.

🏠 When does the new Midtown location open?

Our new and improved Inside the Beltline location opens in June 2024. We’re accepting appointments starting in June, but in the meantime, come see us at one of our other convenient Triangle locations.

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