How walkable is Raleigh?

According to Walk Friendly, the City of Oaks has a silver-level status.

A park in downtown Raleigh in view of the PNC building.

When trekking through downtown, stroll through Nash Square.

Photo by RALtoday

Is Raleigh a walkable city? According to Walk Friendly, mostly — the site says the City of Oaks is a silver-level Walk Friendly Community.

Raleigh lands in the middle of other large cities and towns due to factors like greenway connections, programs that encourage walking, and strong policy measures. There are lots of new sidewalks planned and developments like Walkable Midtown progressing to help improve the city’s walkability.

Some of the most walkable areas in Raleigh are downtown, North Hills, and the Village District.

We’re curious: How walkable do you think our city is and where is your favorite place to stroll? Send us your thoughts.

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