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Try This: Get an in-home spray tan with Oak City Sunless

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City Editor Cat getting her sunless spray tan.

Photo by the RALtoday team

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City Editor Cat here. 👋 Looking to extend your summer glow, but you don’t want to risk the health of your skin for the perfect tan? I get it. So I recently turned to Oak City Sunless — which provides a custom spray tan in the privacy of your own home — to get a natural, bronze base for a weekend getaway to NYC… and it turned out flawless.

The whole experience took less than 30 minutes with no extra clean up required. Bonus: It allowed me to plan my spray tan around my busy schedule.

Here’s how you can get your glow on and how you can Try This. Pro tip: Be sure to check out the easy before + after care routine to keep your tan intact even longer.

What we tried (with pricing):

This in-home service was so seamless. I requested an appointment online for one in-home spray ($50). Once my session was set, I used the pre- and post-care tanning tips (more on that below) to prolong the life of my tan.

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Set up takes less than five minutes. | Gif by the RALtoday team

Next, Randi, the owner + founder of Oak City Sunless, showed up at my door and set up shop in the kitchen. The tanning tent can be set up almost anywhere including dining rooms, patios + garages.

Two women facing each other talking about a spray tan consultation

Randi walking City Editor Cat through the process.

Photo by the RALtoday team

Randi consulted with me on how dark to go, mixed the colors, and sprayed away. She has been in the tanning game since 2003 + knows her stuff.

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Randi mixing the perfect tone for my skin color. | Gif by the RALtoday team

What not to miss:

Make your tan last by using these pre- and post-care tanning tips.

Before the session:

  • Shower, shave, and exfoliate no less than three hours before your appointment.
  • Avoid Dove and Aveeno products or any product that will leave a film on the skin.
  • If applying lotion, do so no less than three hours prior to your session.
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City Editor Cat getting her face tanned. | Gif by the RALtoday team

After the session:

  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothing + remain dry for a minimum of eight hours.
  • Take short, warm showers using mild, unscented soap + use a light touch while shaving and drying off.
  • Apply lotion daily and avoid directly spraying your skin when applying perfume.
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After a spray, Randi spritzes body powder on your skin to set the tan. | Gif by the RALtoday team

What to expect:
After your session, you might feel slightly damp over the first hour, but don’t fretyou can go about your normal routine. Remember to stay dry and avoid touching your skin as much as possible throughout the day.

What we’re still talking about:

Graphic of a hand before and after a spray tan

Before + after the sunless tan.

Photo by the RALtoday team

My summer glow. ✨ I was seriously so impressed with the longevity of my spray tan and how natural it turned out. Oak City Sunless uses products naturally derived from botanicals like Brazilian Acai Berry. Their products are Eco-Certified DHA (a certification that guarantees a high standard practice through formulation and manufacturing of products), which is FDA approved.

Cat sitting in Central Park

City Editor Cat glowing in Central Park a few days after her tan.

Photo by the RALtoday team

How you can experience this:

Get your tan on and book an in-home spray tan. See a full list of services with pricing here.

Things to know if you go:

  • Experience: Get an in-home spray tan
  • Price: $50+
  • Website: oakcitysunless.com
  • Address: In-home + local pop ups around town every month
  • Hours: Seven days per week: Mon.-Fri.: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sat.-Sun.: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Social: Facebook | Instagram | TikTok*
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