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#TryThis: Donating blood at The Blood Connection Raleigh 🩸

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The Blood Connection Raleigh center lobby

The Blood Connection’s donation center in Raleigh

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Happy Thursday, Raleigh. Trevor here. 👋 Earlier this month I stepped out of the office and headed to The Blood Connection to donate a pint of blood. For me, donating blood is a simple yet effective way to give back to the community + make a positive impact on local lives. Here’s how it went + how you can #TryThis.


Giving blood at The Blood Connection’s Raleigh Center (5925 Glenwood Ave.)

What we tried (with pricing):

I booked my visit online the day before my appointment (but walk-ins are also accepted), and made sure to drink extra water + eat a solid breakfast the morning of. It took me ~18 minutes to get from my office downtown to the Glenwood Ave. donation center, where I was greeted with smiles + a bottle of water as soon as I walked in the door.

The whole donation process – from filling out my paperwork, going through the screening + getting my blood drawn – only took 20 minutes. And of course, it’s free to donate (and you usually walk away with a ‘thank you’ gift like a gift card or free t-shirt).

I sat in the cozy waiting room, kicked back, and filled out TBC’s questionnaire to ensure I checked all the boxes to be able to donate. This form can also be filled out online if you want to begin your screening right away.

I have tattoos — and got a new one a week before my donation — and was still eligible to donate. They’ll just ask if it was at a licensed shop, and if so, you’re good to go. If you received a stick-and-poke tattoo, you’ll have to wait a year before donating. (All U.S. blood collection organizations are also held to these same requirements.)

Next, I was brought to a comfy recliner chair to start the donation process. It takes about 10 minutes to draw a unit of blood, and under regulation, the donation must be completed within 15 minutes. While donating, I scrolled through Twitter + chatted with the phlebotomist about moving from Florida to Raleigh – and how I brought a warm winter with me. ☀️

Trevor and Eduardo

Here’s me (right) with Eduardo (left), an employee with The Blood Connection Raleigh who was a great comic relief during the process

What we’re still talking about:

The snacks. Once the process was completed, I was given a rundown on how to take care of myself after leaving the facility, plus a packet of aftercare facts + tips. I was then brought over to the snack bar, where I immediately felt at home. The chips, cookies + apple juice hit the spot and helped me feel relaxed. My phlebotomist came in and checked on me to make sure I was feeling alright (and enjoying my snacks), which made me feel great about my experience at The Blood Connection.

Cheez Its

Post-donation snacks from The Blood Connection Raleigh | photo via our #TryThis Instagram Story Highlight

How you can experience this:

If you want to give back by donating blood or even platelets, plasma or red blood cells (remember, each donation you give goes to local patients in need, saving lives right here in the Triangle), schedule your visit online or call 984.222.1101.

Have questions? This FAQ page will likely answer some questions. Plus, TBC has a team of donation specialists that can help answer anything else. Contact them here.

Bonus: If your company/school/organization is looking for a way to give back as a group, you can bring The Blood Connection to your biz by hosting a workplace drive. The first time I donated, it was during a blood drive held on my college campus at Florida Southern College.

Trevor donating blood

Giving blood at The Blood Connection Raleigh center | photo via our #TryThis Instagram Story Highlight

Things to know if you go:

Donating with The Blood Connection was an easy + fast way to help make a difference in my community – I hope you’ll #TryThis, too.

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